Beat Lease

Terms of the Beat Lease agreement are as follows: There is no time frame in which the artist can no longer use the non-exclusive beat. There is no opportunity for transfer of copyrights trough additional payment or services received. Artists are not allowed to release an instrumental version of the beat. Artists are not allowed to re-sale the beat.
Artists are only allowed to make one new recording per lease agreement. No remixes allowed. Artists are allowed to release the recording worldwide. Phillips Studios will waive mechanical royalties up to 1,000 streams/downloads and/or printed copies sold. After which, Phillips Studios will be paid 50% of all royalties received. If artist is signed by a label using the record, the label will pay royalties to the producer directly. Phillips Studios must be credited in liner notes, any and all advertising and on the back of the album. Artist may opt out, however, miss-accreditation will result in court proceedings. Phillips Studios does not release stems through Beat Lease Agreement;However, if the artist purchases an exclusive beat,they will be provided upon request. Contact for more info on Exclusive Beat agreements. All Leased beats include non-exclusive license.License is subject to any prior non-exclusive licenses granted. All beats are owned by Phillips Studios and associates and no one else.