Beats are $20 per lease. Once you buy a beat( with your credit card or paypal) you will be redirected to the download page where you can download your beat. Be sure to understand leasing agreement. Thanks for your purchase.

Sw15 Beat 37

New Track 5 Beat 36

New Beat 2 Beat 35

1Laptop Beat 34

New Track 1 Beat 33

Protecther Beat 32

Stand By Me (Sample Type Beat) Beat 31

Came From Nothing Beat 30

Sw7 Beat 29

Real One Beat 28

1-1-19-2 Beat 27

1-1-19 Beat 26

Sw2 Beat 25

5 Beat 24


P.S Beat 22

P.S Beat 21

P.S Beat 20

P.S. BEAT 18

P.S. BEAT 17

P.S. BEAT 16

P.S.Beat 14

P.S.Beat 12

P.S.Beat 11

P.S.Beat 9

P.S.Beat 8

P.S.Beat 7

P.S.Beat 5

P.S.Beat 4 with 2K’s on the hook

When you buy this beat you get both the beat with the hook and one without the hook.

P.S.Beat 3

P.S.Beat 2

P.S.Beat 1

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